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We offer an efficient and sympathetic approach to accident claims. Claire Wilson is a specialist Personal Injury lawyer.
We combine frank honesty about your chances of success along with a uniquely caring and sympathetic understanding of how your entire world can be thrown into disarray by an accident.

The phrase no win no fee has suffered bad press because of the high profile problems with some accident management companies. It's about time that people understand the reality of this.
Legal Aid for personal injury cases (except clinical negligence) was abolished a number of years ago. This left a problem for a number of people who wanted to claim for personal injury but could not afford.
As such, Solicitors were required to offer their legal services on a conditional fee basis (i.e. make as much money as possible on successful cases to make up for having made nothing at all on unsuccessful ones).
Somehow, all of this left an opening in the market for non-legally qualified but entrepreneurial individuals to sell the idea of bringing claims on a no win no fee basis. All these companies did/do is take all the details of your accident from you then refer it to a Solicitor, the Solicitor paying a fee to this company for the privilege.
It has always been felt by Solicitors that the public should realise that by going directly to the Solicitor and missing out the 'middle man', not only would they be dealt with honestly and with integrity but they would know that the advice they were getting was correct.
Solicitors cannot compete with these companies as we do not have the money to advertise on TV and our regulatory rules govern the manner in which we can advertise.

What people do not realise is that claiming for compensation means that you are alleging someone has acted negligently.
The law of negligence is a huge topic which takes several weeks of grasping for law students. The TV adverts would have you believe it's as simple as picking up a phone and being entered into a lottery for some pool of compensation money.
Of course you as a client do not have to worry about the legal complexities, that is our job but our clients can rest assured that their claim, while being dealt with as efficiently as you would expect with the minimum of fuss, is being handled by someone who actually understands the legal basis on which that claim is brought.

Injuries caused by a fall or an accident at work are dealt with tactfully and with understanding for your own unique circumstances.
At C Wilson Solicitors, you will not be just a reference number. You can call or pop in any time to discuss your case and there will be no receptionist fobbing you off with an excuse that the Solicitor is in a meeting.
Road traffic accidents bring up a number of other problems in days when people are ever more reliant on their car. We can put you in touch with someone who can hire you a car, a garage where cars can be stored and we will make sure that in cases where liability is not disputed by the other side, you will get reimbursement for any excess you have to pay.
REMEMBER to keep a record and receipts for anything you have had to pay for because of your accident no matter how trivial it seems at the time. You are entitled to recovery of all uninsured losses, so if you have to get a taxi or a bus, KEEP THE RECEIPT.